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Grapes become the paradox of the French

There is a thing called the ‘French Paradox’. This is the subtitle of a paper published in an academic journal in 1993. In a study examining the association between cholesterol and saturated fat intake and heart disease mortality among peoples of 40 countries, the study found that French people with the same intake index had a mortality rate four times lower than Finnish people, which was described as a 'French paradox'. It started from Attention was paid to grape wine that French people enjoy drinking, and resveratrol, a polyphenol component in wine, was named as the protagonist of the French Paradox. Not only that, but it is also known that the skin of people who work long hours on the grape wine-making farms are young and beautiful. What made their skin rejuvenated?

Viniferin rises as the real hero of the French ParadoxAs ‘French Paradox’ became a hot topic, research on ‘resveratrol’, which has the best antioxidant effect, became a big trend, and more than 20,000 papers have been published so far. However, as research progressed, it became known that 'viniferin', which is more effective than resveratrol in wine and is more effective, is the real protagonist of the 'French Paradox'. Since then, research results on viniferin have been accumulating. Viniferin is present in small amounts in vine stems and anthers and is a highly effective natural product. The whitening effect is 62 times that of vitamin C, 13 times that of arbutin, and 4 times that of kojic acid, and the antioxidant effect is 22 times that of quercetin and 28 times that of tocopherol. Vegetology is the crystallization of skin science that was created with this amazing 'viniferin' filled with patented technology.

Vegetableology succeeds in mass production of viniferin by growing grape flowers

If the vine is a ‘gift from God to man’ and wine is a ‘drop of God’, then viniferin is a key ingredient in wine, God’s tears, and a miracle substance from God. Why hasn't Viniferin been known so much for so long? The reason why the demand for viniferin has not expanded is that it is present in trace amounts in vine stems and grapes, and therefore the extraction cost is high. One gram of viniferin with 95% purity is 5,000 times more expensive than 1 gram of gold. There is also insufficient securing of raw materials due to the restrictions of the growing environment. Only 300 grams can be obtained from one ton of grape sap. Dreaming of the next-generation green revolution, INGR, which develops vegetable tology, succeeded in mass-producing viniferin with differentiated patented technology. Anther cells from grape flowers are collected and cultured in a clean environment to mass-produce viniferin by combining molecular switch, cell culture, and bioconversion technologies.

Viniferin from Vegetology, what makes it special?

INGR has secured the world's first technology to produce viniferin by culturing grape flower cells. We have developed a method for mass production of viniferin in a more environmentally and sustainable way. Vegetology does not grow grapes in polluted or polluted soil. Instead of cultivating and harvesting plants in open air or in houses, INGR boasts the technology to mass-produce natural products by culturing plant stem cells in an absolutely clean environment. In particular, it boasts of molecular switch technology that makes the most plant-like natural ingredients while being functionally superior without chemical synthesis. By controlling the metabolism of natural products, natural raw materials with a high content of active ingredients are produced with fewer cells. The anther that makes viniferin is an organ that produces pollen, that is, sperm. After cell culture, raw material production is completed through minimal filtration to remove cells.

Plants and Science Meet, Vegetology

Vegetology is a brand created by the CEO who has been researching plant-based natural materials at universities for nearly 30 years and doctoral and master’s researchers with excellent capabilities in the field of biotechnology. ‘VEGET’ in Vegetology means ‘plant’ and ‘OLOGY’ means ‘science’. Rather than simply crushing plants or extracting them with water or organic solvents, we searched for good ingredients in plants and developed and applied new technologies to contain a lot of these ingredients. The key ingredient of Vegetology is ‘viniferin’, which is derived from grape flower cell extract. Plant meets science. Sublimating natural ingredients found in plants into skin science is the brand philosophy pursued by Vegetology.

CEO's Greetings

“We tend to cherish the organs in our body, but we tend to care less about the skin. Just as the peel of a fruit is not just a peel and serves to protect the flesh, the skin is not just a peel but is actually one of the important organs. Just as a heart or lung injury can cause serious damage, the skin is just as important, so it's time to look into cosmetics scientifically. Cosmetics applied to the skin should be chosen as carefully as the medicines that go into the mouth. Therefore, cosmetic companies must scientifically research plant or natural ingredients to contain good ingredients. In order to protect and care for the skin, another organ, Vegetology is based on ‘skin science’ as its banner. There are many companies that emphasize eco-friendliness and natural-derived materials, but often stay at the level of using plants as their main raw material. Vegetology is not simply crushing plants or extracting them with water or organic solvents, but searching for good ingredients in plants and applying patented technology to contain a lot of these ingredients. There are about 4,000 species of plants in Korea. Finding the hidden treasure in the plant, mass-producing it, verifying its efficacy, and making it available to many people is the fruit of ‘skin science’ that Vegetology dreams of.” Jaeho Pi (CEO)

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